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Customer Responsibilities

All the rules that you can find on this page are for your acceptance and compliance. They are made under laws and regulations. Thus, you become responsible for the actions performed on this Online Betting site.

The terms contain the next prohibitions:

A publication or transfer of harmful or abusive content from or to this site;

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Various Services And Advertising

Although the Online Betting in Bangladesh site uses a commercial space, it doesn’t edit, filter, or publish any commercial advertisements that are located here. Our site is in charge of only the money deposited by the customers to use our services, therefore we are not responsible for some loss of data or profits from the commercial activities. Moreover, you must follow the terms of use of our site, otherwise, we won’t be in charge of your potential losses.

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Customers Statistics

To improve the performance of our website and better offers, we process some information from our clients. These statistics are not shared with anyone outside of our site. Only our team works on it.

External Links

Sometimes we use the information from external sources by pointing them out. This means that the copyright isn’t violated.

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Cookies are our tool for making the site more convenient for everyone. These files include information about your votes, comments, and other actions on our site. They make it easier to improve the quality of the site.

Private Policy

First, we may ask for your email to send you some news, advertisements and make you aware of all the updates on our site. However, if you don’t want to receive them, you can unsubscribe from our notifications and we won’t send you anything anymore.

Furthermore, we use some files that help us to analyze the preferences and favorite site’s features of our customers to improve our platform. We don’t share this information with anybody else, we only use it for the prosperity of our site’s functionality.

Please refer to the privacy policy here.

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