• Supports multipliers
  • Features Autoplay and racetrack mode
  • Supports favorite bets options
  • High Return to Player
  • Extensive betting limits
  • Low odds on straight-up bets
  • More dependency on luck than strategy


Lightning Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming is one of the favorite game in Bangladesh.

Not many online games can compete with live table games. However, regarding entertainment and payouts, live casino games top the chart. Hence, it is not surprising that several online casinos offer different table games via HD cameras. These games are often handled by professional hosts or croupiers who oversee the games. Players only need to place their bet, relax, and watch the game. All other aspects are managed by the croupiers.

Today, many online game providers offer a plethora of table games worth playing. Notable among the brands is Evolution Gaming. This company is responsible for the development of numerous rewarding online games.

Lightning Roulette is one of the masterpieces from the brand, which continue to gain a reputation among online bettors. While the game is not for the faint-hearted, it’s an entertaining and swift way to get rich. Learn everything you need to know about Lightning Roulette below.

What is Lightning Roulette?

What is Lightning Roulette

Released in 2018, Lightning Roulette is a variant of the popular roulette game. It’s developed by Evolution, boasting an average of 97.30% RTP. Players can spend as low as $0.2 and as high as $2,000 on playing Lightning Roulette in a single gaming session. Also, the number of players per session is not limited.

Evolution Gaming develops the roulette variant to be compatible with Windows and Android devices. Players can access the game on smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, and laptops.

This game stands out among roulette variants with its futuristic backdrop and impressive studio. Lightening roulette offers a dynamic and intensive gaming experience. In other words, players need speed and fast thoughts to play successfully.

Depending on your luck, you can land as high as a 500x multiplier to raise your winnings significantly. The table game comes with live chat, viewing modes, and game customization options. 

How to play Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette shares a lot of similarities with conventional European Roulette. However, the multiplier and speed required make the game special. Essentially, players are required to predict where the ball on the wheel will land.

The croupier is responsible for spinning the wheel once the players have placed their bets. As a player, you have different bets, including straight up, split, street, red/black, even/odd, line, and dozen/column, to choose from. 

To get started, visit your preferred online casino offering Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming such as Krikya Casino. It’s important to place your bet during the bet time by using the wagering table. This is available in racetrack and standard mode – feel to use the most convenient option for yourself. With their assigned multipliers, five numbers will be chosen. 

Afterward, the croupier will get the wheel spinning. If it’s your lucky day, the ball will hand in your predicted number. This means you win, and depending on your bet, your stake will be multiplied. Now, you can collect your winnings and choose to go for another betting session or not. 

What are the Rules of Lightning Roulette?

If you want to play successfully on Lightning Roulette, you need to keep basic rules associated with European Roulette in mind. Below are the major rules to remember:

  1. You need to stake your bet quickly and calculatedly, depending on your strategy.
  2. Players obtain winnings by straight-up number bets. It’s impossible to win a part of the multiplier via a split or street. This applies to other types of bets. 
  3. Only a 29:1 payout applies to numbers that are not selected prior to the spin. 
  4. Each outside bet must be at least the same amount as the table minimum. The total wager on the inside bet follows the same rule.
  5. If the selected amount is lower than the minimum amount, your bet may not be placed. However, this often depends on your Evolution online casino.

Lightning Roulette Bets and Payouts

Lightning Roulette Bets and Payouts

Among the beautiful aspects of Lightning Roulette is the availability of multiple bets. They are categorized into two groups: Inside Bets and Outside bets. Learn about each bet below and their payouts:

Inside bets

  • Line – this covers six numbers and pays 5:1 of your stake.
  • Corner – this bet covers three numbers and pays 8:1 of your stake.
  • Street – this bet covers three numbers and pays 11:1 of your stake.
  • Split – this covers two numbers and pays 17:1 of your stake.
  • Straight-up – this is the most rewarding bet on Lightning Roulette, paying between 29:1 to 499:1 of your bet.

Outside bets

  • Low/High – This covers 18 numbers and pays 1:1 of your stake.
  • Even/Odd – This covers 18 numbers and pays 1:1 of your stake.
  • Red/Black – This covers 18 numbers and pays 1:1 of your stake.
  • Dozen/Column – This covers 12 numbers and pays 2:1 of your stake.

Special Features on Lightning Roulette

Special Features on Lightning Roulette

When you play the unique roulette game variant, you’ll come across some features that add to its aesthetics and value. Below are the special features of Lightning Roulette:

  • Multipliers: This forms the difference between typical European roulette and lightning roulette. During a single spin, the multiplier can be triggered to increase the player’s bet by as much as 500.
  • Lever: This is used by the croupier to spin the wheel with the lightning multiplying the bets of the luckier players. 
  • Menu options on screen: Players can choose the bet limits and types from the top left side of the screen. Also, the player’s current balance is made available on the bottom left side.
  • Table options: Players may choose to use a standard table or racetrack. The latter enables players to engage in neighbor bets, including Jeu Zero, Orphelins a Cheval, etc.
  • Favorite bet: This option allows players to see their previously saved bets and place them for the next betting session.
  • Language options: You can customize the game’s language to different options. They include Bulgarian, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Croatian, Chinese, Albanian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Russian, Romanian, Servian, Turkish, Finnish, and French. 

How to track Lightning Roulette history 

Lightning Roulette Tracksino

Lightning Roulette could be hugely rewarding if you understand the gameplay, apply proven strategies, and, most importantly, have background information. These pieces of information are usually a history of the game. Experienced and savvy bettors use winning percentages on each type of bet available, spin results, frequently chosen numbers, and preferred color combos.

If you are wondering how to get these pieces of information, Tracksino is available to use. While the database is free to use, you can get deeper insights about Lightning Roulette by registering for a better account package. Whether you choose to use a free package or a premium package, Tracksino enables Lightning Roulette enthusiasts to view stats on lightning numbers, including 1 to 36. Also, users have information on color combo wins, number combo wins, row wins, and column wins.

Alternatively, you can use the view results and statistics option in the game. In fact, Lightning Roulette enables players to see the results from the previous 500 rounds. However, Tracksino beats the stats from Lightning Roulette because it enables you to see results from the previous hours, or days, allowing you to make a decision based on more recent happenings. To use the stats from the game, simply tap the bar graph icon on the screen. 

Tips and strategies to win Cash on Lightning Roulette

Find below the proven strategies and tips that have been found to be useful in improving winning chances on any online casino offering Lightning Roulette:

Fibonacci betting strategy

This is a commonly used strategy in online casinos, especially for table games. Fibonacci is widely used because it’s easy to use, offers considerable returns, and can be applied in different table games. Using this system requires increasing your bet size if you lose a bet. This is done with the hope of winning back the lost money. Fibonacci is best recommended for players with a sizeable bankroll. Advisably, ensure that you have a limit to how far you go. 

Staking on all numbers

Many bettors use this system because it guarantees that you’ll certainly win. However, how much you are going to win is another question entirely. When you bet on every number, there is a high chance that you will land at least one multiplier. And this could be the game changer for you. However, you are best advised to use this method only after you have landed a big multiplier and wish to conserve your winnings without losing the fun of the game.

Bet hedging

This approach involves betting half of the funds on straight-number bets and the other half on red/black bets. You may also choose to stake on odd/even, depending on your preference. Bet hedging works because, more than half of the time, it will cover any loss from your straight number bet. 

Final verdict

Lightning Roulette is a highly recommended table game for newbies and experienced bettors. The gameplay is not difficult to master, and the rewards are quite impressive. Although players need luck more than strategy, you can still increase your winning chances by implementing tips and good betting discipline. Features such as favorite bets, multipliers, autoplay, and language options make the game even more exciting. Feel free to enjoy the hugely rewarding table games on your preferred Evolution Gaming-supported online casino. 

Lightning Roulette: Play and Win Huge Money in Bangladesh!

Lightning Roulette is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh. You can win up to 500x multipliers. Play Lightning Roulette and win big money now!

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