• Flexible on risks
  • Easy to play
  • A very high RTP
  • Multiple multipliers to enhance your wins
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing dice game
  • Standard wins could be boring

Lightning Dice live is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh.

Dice games are part of classical games. They have been around for as long as physical casinos have existed. Thus, it is not surprising that they are among the popular games in an online casino. Today, you’ll hardly find a top betting platform without variants of dice games. Aside from the popularity of the games, dice games are common because they are simple to play. Regardless of your online gaming experience, you can play dice games without mastering the rules. 

Several dice game variants exist – Lightning Dice is arguably the most popular from Evolution Gaming. Introduced about three years, Lightning Dice has emerged as one of the most sought-after dice games. The dice game from Evolution Gaming has an impressive RTP, making it a winning slot for many enthusiasts of dice games. If you want to learn more about the increasingly popular dice games, including how to play, rules, volatility, and strategies to win, here is an extensive review. Enjoy reading!

What is Lightning Dice? 

What is Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is a simple game, played with three regular six-sided dice. You can bet on the total sum of all three dice by simply betting on any of the spots marked from 3 to 18. It is developed by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Dice is a live casino game. It involves betting on the outcome of a dice throw virtually.

In other words, you play the games from your comfort zones, regardless of the hour or day. Once a player stakes their bet, the game process is managed by the live dealer (also known as the host or croupier).

Lightning Dice differs from a regular dice game because every gaming session offers different payouts. This is due to the varying bet options and multipliers. Thus, players make more money than playing a conventional dice game.

Lightning Dice from Evolution Gaming offers about a 96.21% percentage return to the player (RTP). This means that every player stands a good chance of winning.

However, the high RTP is attached to playing three or 18 bets. These are the most challenging but highly paying bets. Statistically, you get a 999:1 payout of your bet as the winning is enhanced by multipliers.

Despite the incredible winnings that are possible on Lightning Dice, the gameplay and rules are simple and straightforward. The game is played in a black and gold studio with the lights, color, and board in sync. 

How to Play Lightning Dice

How to Play Lightning Dice

To play Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming, you need to find an online casino such as Krikya Casino offering Evolution Gaming games. Once you find Lightning Dice in the game catalog, you can then sign up to access the game. After logging into the game, you will access a studio, featuring visually appealing colors and lights with a golden hue. On the screen, a virtual gameboard will emerge with 16 numbers in total. A multiplier is associated with each number. 

As a bettor, you need to choose three numbers – each number will have its multiplier, so you may consider the multiplier size when selecting your preferred numbers. After the staking session is over, lightning will strike multiple numbers on the board. Interestingly, the multiplier associated with the struck number will increase significantly; these are often referred to the lucky numbers.

If you bet on one or more of the lucky numbers, you are in for a massive win. The dealer will release the handle to throw the three dice, and they will roll through the tower. If your number is among the revealed dice, you win. If you bet $200 on number 18, having a 300x multiplier, it means your bet will be multiplied by 300. This is how players enjoy Lightning Dice and make incredible winnings when they get lucky. 

What are the Rules of Lightning Dice?

For players who are new to Lightning Dice, you might want to keep the following rules in mind:

  • Players are required to bet on three dice that would be thrown in the lightning tower.
  • Feel free to bet on your preferred numbers or every number.
  • Use the “Bet on All” option to bet on all numbers. 
  • It is recommendable to read the terms and conditions of the online casino offering the game before getting started.

Lightning Dice: Bets and Payouts

Lightning Dice Bets and Payouts

Understanding the bets and the associated payout is as important as knowing the simple games. Fortunately, the bets and the multiplier are not difficult to know and remember as well. Find below the number of bets and potential payouts:

  1. Bet numbers 3 & 18: These bets feature 150x multipliers and pay between 149:1 and 999:1.
  2. Bet numbers 4 & 17: These bets feature 50x multipliers and pay between 49:1 and 499:1.
  3. Bet numbers 5 & 16: These bets feature 25x multipliers and pay between 24:1 and 249:1.
  4. Bet numbers 6 & 15: These bets feature 15x multipliers and pay between 14:1 and 99:1.
  5. Bet numbers 7 & 14: These bets feature 10x multipliers and pay between 9:1 and 99:1.
  6. Bet numbers 8 & 13: These bets feature 7x multipliers and pay between 6:1 and 49:1.
  7. Bet numbers 9 & 12: These bets feature 6x multipliers and pay between 5:1 and 49:1.
  8. Bet numbers 10 & 11: These bets feature 5x multipliers and pay between 4:1 and 49:1.

What are the Minimum and Maximum bets on Lightning Dice?

Even though Lightning Dice enables players to win an incredible amount of money, there is a limit. Regardless of the online casino that you choose to play the popular game, you cannot stake more than 500. This is the maximum bet. For players on a budget, the good news is that you can bet as low as 0.20 on Lightning Dice. As you have probably found out from the bet and payouts above, the maximum payout on the Evolution Gaming product is 999:1. 

Volatility of Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Dice could be highly volatile or not. The volatility of the game depends on your choice of numbers. For instance, if you choose to stake on three and 18, you can expect massive rewards. However, they are highly volatile as you are taking a high risk. The two bets have a 0.46% probably chance of winning, which is significantly less compared to the 11.57% probability on 9 and 12. Or 10 and 11 featuring a 12.50% winning probability. However, the two categories pay significantly lesser. Thus, players are advised to balance the probability of winning and payout, depending on their set goals. 

Special Features on Lightning Dice 

It is worth noting that Lightning Dice is not the most sophisticated compared to game shows and live dealer games. However, it is no ordinary dice game because of the following extra features:

  • Lightning strikes – these are eye-friendly little lights that strike one or more random numbers on the betting grid. Swiftly, each number will get a random multiplier that could be as high as 1000x. 
  • Multiplier – you’ll not find multipliers in a conventional dice game. However, when you play Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming, your stakes can be multiplied significantly to increase your winnings. 

How to Track Lightning Dice History

Tracksino Lightning Dice

While significant luck is required to win on Lightning Dice, savvy players know how to make informed decisions. This raises their chances of winning. The know-how is simply about learning the history of the game in the previous hours, weeks, or months, depending on how well you want to establish a trend. Experienced players take actions based on past winning numbers, lightning numbers, multipliers, and payout amounts.

Although some online casinos provide such statistics, don’t be disappointed if your preferred betting platform doesn’t support such a feature. In this case, Tracksino Lightning Dice is highly recommended. The database is designed to provide useful information and statistics about different games – one of which is Lightning Dice. On Tracksino, players can learn information about the average winning percentage of each number, the associated number of multipliers, total winners, and the overall payout.

Furthermore, the statistical database for online games allows players to check records from the previous hour, three hours, up till the past month. If you are interested in watching Lightning dice, you simply need to use the “Watch Live” feature on the platform. Players can get many important stats by using the free, basic package. However, if you need more information, account registration is required. 

Tips and Strategies to Win Cash on Lightning Dice

With Lightning dice existing for some time now, it’s not surprising that experienced bettors have figured out some key tips and strategies to win. Whether you are new to Lightning dice or playing for the umpteenth time, consider the recommendations to boost your winning chances:

Be flexible with your risks

Here is arguably the most effective approach to winning on Lightning Dice. Spreading your bets among volatile and less-volatile bets gives you a chance to win. For instance, you can stake on either 3 or 18, which guarantees a massive payout but is quite risky, and bet on either 10 or 11, which are very likely to emerge but with fewer payouts. To play safely, you can make the amount on more volatile bets lesser compared to the less volatile bets.

Avoid the “Bet on All” strategy

While it is easy and seems like a promising approach to win, it’s not a recommendable strategy for savvy minds. Betting on all numbers means you need to bet on the 16 numbers, which costs more. This approach may get you some money initially. However, you’ll lose more than win overall in the long run. 

Use stats to your advantage

By checking on Lightning Dice history on Tracksino or the stats tool on your online casino, you can figure out the most probable outcome. Without the stats, 8,9,10,11,12, and 13 are the most likely options to emerge. However, using the previous history can give you better insights into which of the most probable options will emerge in the subsequent games. 

Set budgets

It’s highly recommended to know when to play and when to let go. A combination of luck, stats, and good strategy may give you a winning streak. However, you should know when to call it a day. Otherwise, you may throw everything down the drain before you know it. Thus, set the amount you want to spend on playing lightning dice from the get-go. Also, you can have a specific size of winnings as a goal or number of betting sessions. Once you reach the limit, take your winnings, and come back another day. This is a useful approach for every bettor.

Final verdict

Lightning Dice is arguably among the most exciting live casino games. Many online casinos across Asia and beyond offer the popular Evolution Gaming product. Evolution Gaming has made the game simple and interactive with live chat between the live dealers and bettors. Once you stake your bet on your preferred dice combination, you can watch the game or chat with the dealers if you have questions. They respond swiftly. Players are advised to check the bet numbers, payouts, and probability before staking their bets. So, you can have an idea of what to expect if you manage to win or lose.

Players who are enthusiastic about winning on Lightning dice games are advised to take advantage of Tracksino and recommended strategies herein. The stats database provides useful information to make a better prediction of the game. If you can combine the tips and the stats in making your bet decisions, you stand a better chance of winning. Also, you are encouraged to use the available bonuses and promos on your chosen betting platform to further boost your winnings. In this way, you’ll not only be entertained but leave with rewards. 

Lightning Dice Live: Play Amazing Game to Win Big Money Now!

Lightning Dice is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh. Find out how Lightning Dice Live can help you win big money. Play now!

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