• Availability of multipliers
  • Useful features for the enhanced gaming experience
  • Lucrative maximum win
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Convenient gameplay
  • No extra games
  • Difficult to land the largest winnings


Dream Catcher is one of the hot online casino game in Bangladesh.

Since the introduction of live casino games, it has been a game-changer for different reasons.

Firstly, most enthusiasts appreciate the thrill and excitements, which are similar to playing in a physical casino.

Secondly, they are highly rewarding as they often come with multipliers and bonus games.

Thirdly, bettors can take advantage of previous game history and results, then combine it with proper gaming discipline to boost their winning chances. 

Among the most enterprising game shows for bettors is the popular live Dream Catcher game. Millions of bettors enjoy the game from various online casinos in Singapore, Malaysia, across and beyond Asia.

As with top live casino games, Dream Catcher is a product from a renowned game developer and features many thrilling features. More so, the percentage return to player (RTP) is quite astonishing.

If you want to play Dream Catcher live and win money, you can visit one of the top casino in Bangladesh – Krikya.

Learn everything you need to know about Dream Catcher in this review. Enjoy reading!

What is Dream Catcher?

What is Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the first exciting title in Evolution Gaming Money Wheel live gaming category. Evolution Gaming launched Dream Catcher in February 2017.

The live game show has emerged to become a successful game product in the betting industry. Dream Catcher is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PC. In other words, you can access the games from various online casinos using different devices.

Evolution Gaming hosts the live casino game from their Riga Studios. Every gaming session is streamed in real-time using multiple HD cameras and from different angles. Thus, players can easily view every aspect of the game conveniently. 

While Dream Catcher features classic live casino elements, it has distinctive qualities. Evolution Gaming combines elements of Slot games, Roulette, and Bingo to create something special. This helps the game to appeal to a larger audience with different tastes.

Despite the visual appeal, Dream Catcher comes with convenient gameplay. From staking your bets to getting your winnings, the processes are straightforward.

In fact, players spend more time enjoying gaming views than expending energy, as most activities are handled by the hosts. 

How to Play Dream Catcher

How to Play Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming features simplicity and convenience. The game’s key element is the wheel, which features 54 pockets. Out of the 54, 52 pockets are marked with numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. These numbers appear in different frequencies and feature different numbers of segments. As you would expect, the chances of winning also differ.

Apart from the numbers, players can also engage in two different fields, featuring x2 and x7 multipliers with a single segment of the wheel each.

To play the live Dream Catcher, each player is required to bet on a predicted number from the wheel’s pocket. In other words, you are betting on a number where you believe that the wheel will stop after spinning.

After placing your bet, the croupier will spin the wheel. Afterward, the leather pointer will show the winning segment after the wheel comes to a stop.

Instantly, the winnings will be paid to players who predict correctly based on their respective odds. 

What are the Rules of Dream Catcher?

As a newbie to Dream Catcher, there are a few rules to consider and take note of, as listed below:

  • All bets placed must be within the table limits – they will be clearly shown on the screen.
  • When the green light shows, it means you can place your bets. An amber light means that the betting time will soon be over, while a red light means no more bets should be placed. 
  • Players are required to choose the value of the chip that they would like to stake to place their bet. 
  • Click on your chosen number on the betting spot to place your bet.
  • Players can raise their bets with extra clicks as you can bet between one and six betting spots. 
  • Use the Bet on All button if you would like to bet on all spots. 

Dream Catcher Live: Bets and Payouts

Dream Catcher Live Bets and Payouts

As stated earlier, each number represents different bets and features various numbers of segments. The number 1 bet appears most often on the wheel and consequently has the lowest payout. Contrarily, the number 40 comes up only once, giving it the lowest payout. Learn more about the bets and their payouts, including chances of winning. 

  1. Bet on wheel number 1: Features 23 segments with 1:1 payout. This bet has a 42.6% chance of winning.
  2. Bet on wheel number 2: Features 15 segments with 2:1 payout. This bet has a 27.8% chance of winning. 
  3. Bet on wheel number 5: Features 7 segments with 5:1 payout. This bet has a 13.0% chance of winning.
  4. Bet on wheel number 10: Features 4 segments with 10:1 payout. This bet has a 7.4% chance of winning.
  5. Bet on wheel number 20: Features 2 segments with 20:1 payout. This bet has a 3.7% chance of winning.
  6. Bet on wheel number 40: Features 1 segment with 40:1 payout: This bet has a 1.9% chance of winning.
  7. Bet on X2: Features 1 segment. The payout of the next winning number is multiplied by 2. This bet has a 1.9% chance of winning. 
  8. Bet on X7: Features 1 segment. The payout of the next winning number is multiplied by 7. This bet has a 1.9% chance of winning. 

What is the Maximum Win on Dream Catcher?

On the live game show, players can stack up some multipliers. This raises your overall winnings significantly. However, the winning on Dream Catcher is limited to $500,000. While reaching such a lofty height seems impossible, you could be lucky enough to pull it off. 

Volatility of Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming

Game volatility refers to the chances of losing on a bet. This means how often people win in a specific game. Regarding live casino games, the volatility of a game refers to the variation from the speculated RTP on a particular bet. Dream Catcher features varying RTP, depending on the number you choose for betting.

For better clarity, players who bet on small numbers are likely to experience lesser volatility because they appear more often. But the payout is not as significant as bets on higher numbers. Contrarily, betting on bigger numbers means higher volatility. If you can manage to bet correctly, you will be landing a massive win. However, they are rare.

Special Features on Dream Catcher

Hardly will you find a reputable game show without some exciting features. Dream Catcher is no exception, as the live casino game features different elements and options to make the betting experience memorable. Below are the special features of Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming that you should know:

  • Bonus multipliers: There are two multipliers on Dream Catcher, offering a potential route to win big. If a player can manage to bet on either of the multiplier, and the wheel lands on the predicted multiplier, it’s a big win. This is because all your winning bets will be multiplied by 2 or 7, depending on your choice of bet.
  • Autoplay option: This feature allows players to enjoy multiple gaming sessions without having to engage themselves. With the autoplay, players can set limits and sit back to watch the game.
  • Shortcut keys: You may use these keys to perform special functions. For instance, the spacebar comes in handy for repeating and double betting. You may also use the delete option to remove every set bet. 
  • Video quality option: Every player is allowed to adjust the video quality automatically or manually. This option is quite important for players with poor internet connection. Ideally, the gaming sessions are streamed in HD quality. 
  • Camera view: Dream Catcher features multiple cameras to show dynamic camera angles. The multi-camera approach also allows for a close view to difficult angles. As a player, you can change the view based on your preference. 
  • Live chat option: If you want, you can engage the croupiers by using the live chat option. Every half-hour, the host changes to keep the experience fresh and different. Feel free to close the chat window if you like. 
  • Sound option: Players are allowed to mute the croupier or the game’s sounds altogether if need be. 

How to Track Dream Catcher History

Tracksino Dream Catcher

If you are new to Dream Catcher and often see many people win big, it’s not just about luck. In fact, knowing the history of the game plays a more crucial role in winning than luck. This is because you can easily determine the most likely number where the wheel will land in subsequent spinning sessions. The history, in this sense, doesn’t mean how the game was developed or launched. Instead, it refers to prefer results and percentage records of previous games. 

Some online casinos provide stats on the win percentage of each bet of Dream Catcher, specific bets that are currently winning, and recent payouts. However, it is not every betting site that provides such important and comprehensive statistics. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry. Simply check out Dream Catcher’s history on Tracksino. Although the database has account packages that require registration, you can use the most basic package to find almost every piece of information you need. 

On Tracksino Dream Catcher, you can find stats on winning percentages for bets 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 2x, and 7x. Users can also view stats suggesting whether the bet will be coming up anytime soon or not. Tracksino also provides information on the best multipliers so far and the current wheel spinners in Evolution Gaming studio for the game. From the spin history, you can check previous spin results, multiplier, total winners, total payout, and even watch videos. Moreso, players can adjust the stats from the previous hour up to the previous month. If you want more stats, you can sign up and register for a better user package. 

Tips and Strategies to Win Cash on Dream Catcher Live

Luck plays a major role in winning on most live casino games, including Dream Catcher. However, you can attract luck to your side by being strategic. Some experienced bettors have used certain tips and strategies in winning from Dream Catcher. Be informed that these tips and strategies don’t guarantee success, but they could prove useful in enhancing your winning chances. Find them below:

  • Consider high-frequency numbers

As stated earlier, there is no surefire approach to win money on Dream Catcher. But you can bring luck to your side by betting on numbers that appear more often. These options are usually considered safer bets. As a newbie, it is highly recommended to bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 with a higher number of segments. This approach gives you small wins but in a consistent manner. The only downside of this strategy is that the rewards are not as massive as betting on 20 and 40 numbers. 

  • Use game history

While spins are random, you can use Dream Catcher history results to make an informed prediction. If you are committed to win significantly, you can track history in previous wins and bet a budget to target 20 and 40 bets. Also, you can check past records and see when best to play a series of small bets and accumulate your wins. Regardless of your targets, you can expect game stats to come in handy. 

  • Be budget-disciplined

Dream Catcher could be addictive, especially if you are on a winning streak. In this case, you are best advised not to play beyond your set budgets and gaming sessions. Otherwise, you may lose all your accrued winnings. Set a particular number of bets and budgets you would like to use at the beginning and be disciplined about it.

Final Verdict

Dream Catcher is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh. Evolution Gaming is one of the best developers of live casino games. With the available features, bets, and payouts, Dream Catcher is among their most entertaining and rewarding products. As a player, you’ll love the convenience, rewards, and appealing visuals associated with the game. Dream Catcher offers multiple bets and supports multipliers. On a very lucky day, you can win as much as $500,000. However, it is highly recommended to understand the game, bet options, and supported features for the optimum betting experience. Good luck.

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