• Supports many multipliers
  • Get as high as a 50,000x multiplier
  • Easy yet entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple bonus games
  • Not available in demo mode
  • Highly volatile

Crazy Time Live is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh.

For several years, live casino games have been the go-to option for many bettors. This is understandable for various reasons.

Firstly, if you choose an excellent online casino, you can experience similar thrills and entertainment to playing in land-based casinos when you play live casino games. Yet, you don’t need to travel many miles and burn your gas to access exciting table games. 

Among the most played live casino games in the online betting industry is Crazy Time Live. Hardly will you find a respected online casino in Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia or beyond Asia without Crazy Time. This is not a rocket-science as it provides premium fun time to players.

If you want to play Crazy Time live and win money, you can visit one of the top casino in Bangladesh – Krikya.

Also, the game provider, Evolution Gaming, is a well-known brand worth rubbing shoulders with. If you want to get your gaming experience to a pleasant start, consider Crazy Time Live. However, before delving into the beautiful game, below is everything you need to know about Crazy Time Live.

Enjoy reading.

Introducing Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live is a special live online casino game, inspired by Dream Catcher and developed by Evolution Gaming.

The beautiful wheel game is highly interactive. Players literally go crazy with set of levels that can be attained in the game. This is because the number of multipliers is simply unbelievable for many bettors.

Crazy Time is designed with advanced RNG gameplay and interactive elements. The live entertainment looks unreal, while multipliers that can give you close to 25,000x your win make the game so special. 

The live casino game appears in a large, beautiful studio, featuring a top slot over the money week and the main money wheel.

Players have access to interesting bonus games, including Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

This enables bettors to have more than they bargained for in terms of entertainment and reward. Despite the appealing aesthetics and huge rewards, Crazy Time is easy to play.

How to play Crazy Time Live?

Basically, players are required to bet on the number 1, 2, 5, or 10. Sometimes, you may be able to combine the game with bonus games or not.

If you are playing the main game around, the main money wheel spins together with the Top Slot during every game session.

As a bettor, you need to choose your chip size and place your bet on the available eight spaces during the betting period. 

The croupier, otherwise known as the presenter, is responsible for starting the wheels after you have placed your bet.

After the time comes to an end, the Top Slot will reveal one of the available bet spaces, and multipliers will apply to all wins on the landed space.

All winnings are paid with the multipliers applied. In a case where the bonus game space is available, you can play the game and win a real cash prize. 

What are the Crazy Time Live Rules?

Below are basic rules to keep in mind when playing Crazy Time live in any online casino:

  • Players need to be on any of the eight available spaces during the bet time limit.
  • You can bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10. This means the number will multiply your bet if you win. 
  • Chip values can be used to adjust the bet sizes.
  • Players are not allowed to place any bet outside of the 15 seconds betting period.
  • A corresponding bonus game will commence if the wheel result is a bonus field. 
  • A multiplier is paid immediately, and a new game commences if the wheel result is a number. 

Crazy Time Live: Bonus Game Modes 

Aside from the impressive multipliers, the chance to win bonus games makes Crazy Time a special choice among bettors.

The bonus games, including Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time, are available in different RTPs.

Pachinko and Cash Hunt are designed with two wheel segments, while Coin Flip features four wheels. Crazy Time bonus has a single bonus wheel segment.

Despite the difference in the number of wheel segments and RTPs, players can win up to hundreds of dollars on any of the bonus games. Learn more about each bonus game below:

Cash Hunt

Crazy Time Live Cash Hunt

Access to Cash Hunt gives you a shooting gallery experience. The bonus game presents on a big screen having more than 100 random multipliers.

As a bettor, you need to predict the target where the largest multiplier is. All multipliers are covered with random symbols. Also, they will be shuffled before the play make their predictions once the countdown timer starts.

After the end of the countdown, the cannon will shoot the target and show the winning multiplier. Considering that every player gets to choose their own target, the players will win different multipliers.

Cash Hunt has an impressive 95.27% RTP, making it one of the most rewarding bonus games you’ll find in any live casino game.

Cash Flip

Crazy Time Live Coin Flip

As the name suggests, a flip of the coin will determine your win. Before the game commences, the system will generate two multipliers.

One multiplier is for the red side of the coin, while the other multiplier is for the blue side of the coin. The coin will be flipped. Any side facing up will decide the multiplier that you win.

So, basically, you cannot lose in the game. Coin Flip has a remarkable RTP of 95.70% with wheel segments. The croupier is responsible for flipping the coin. 


Crazy Time Live Pachinko

Here is another visually appealing game in Crazy Time. The large Pachinko wall features many physical pegs. The croupier has the responsibility of dropping a puck. Depending on where the pluck lands, a player wins.

Sometimes, the pluck lands on the “Double” value. This means that every multiplier below the wall becomes doubled. Also, the pluck will be dropped once more till a multiplier emerges.

Pachinko is so rewarding because the puck could be dropped until the multiplier accrues to 10,000x maximum. The exciting bonus game has an impressive 94.33% RTP with two wheel segments.

Pachinko is not only rewarding but fun due to the pins that change the direction of the puck. 

Crazy Time Bonus Game

Aside from the actual game known as Crazy Time, there is also the bonus game called Crazy Time. So, be ready to go all out if you manage to land the Crazy Time bonus game.

However, it is worth noting that this is arguably the most difficult bonus game to secure. This is largely because the game comes with a single segment. Also, it is why the RTP of 94.41% is slightly lower compared to Cash Hunt and Coin Flip.

Any player that manages to land the bonus gets to access the red door and enter the fun virtual space. In the studio, you’ll find a massive virtual money wheel. As a player, you need to choose a flapper, which could be yellow, green or blue. 

Now, the croupier will start the wheel by pushing the red button. After the wheel stops, you will win a multiplier on where the flapper lands.

Similar to Pachinko, the flapper may land on a “Double.” This means the multipliers will be doubled, and the wheel will spin again. Also, the flapper may land on a “Triple,” meaning that the multipliers will be tripled. Only the flapper’s owner will take part in the additional rounds.

In this bonus game, a player can end up with a 20,000x maximum. 

What is the highest possible multiplier in Crazy Time Live?

By landing bonus games, players have a chance to win the mouthwatering amount of money. This is largely due to the impressive multipliers in the games.

From 10,000x, 15,000x, to 20,000x multiplier, you can win significantly depending on your bet size. However, the highest multiplier on Crazy Time is 50,000x. Let’s assume that you bet with 5USD. Winning the game can fetch you at least €250,000.

What is the maximum win in Crazy Time Live?

Undoubtedly, any player can win a life-changing sum on Crazy Time Live. For a stance, you have a chance of winning with a multiplier as high as 50,000x on one bet.

However, the maximum win you can accrue in a single spin is €500,000. Also, it is worth mentioning that the amount of your basic bet determines your maximum win. For instance, a bet of €0.10 can only win as much as €5,000.

How to track Crazy Time Live history?

Many experienced bettors use game history to their advantage. From the average win, best multipliers to the number of spins, these pieces of information are used to make informed decisions in live casino games. Although some online casinos provide game statistics, don’t be disappointed if your betting site doesn’t support the feature.

tIt’s not every online casino that offers such information. Nevertheless, there are other solutions. A commonly used system to track Crazy Time’s history is Tracksino.

Crazy Time Live Tracksino

The tracking database enables individuals to watch Crazy Time in real-time. You simply need to use the “Watch Live” option. Also, you can set the time frame of the history you want to know.

As a basic user, Tracksino allows you to check the information about the Crazy Time game in the previous hour, last three hours, six hours, 24 hours up to the previous month. 

The database provides the percentage of wins on people betting on 1, 2, 5, or 10 since the set period. From there, you can make a better decision with your choice.

Also, the system provides useful information such as average win and number of spins on Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, Pachinko and Coin Flip.

If you want to watch the best multipliers in action or see the record, Tracksino makes it possible. An account upgrade on the system helps you access more deep data and insight. 

Crazy Time Live: Strategy and Tips to Win Cash

Hedge your bets

Bet hedging is highly recommended to save your money and still win. Hedge your bet by betting with a small amount on the bonuses. Then, ensure that you cover the bets with a number. By hitting a bonus, you can recover any losses and still win big.

Bet splitting 

This refers to spreading your bets across different spaces on the main game. Also, it’s advisable to place bets on the bonus games too. Bet splitting is also important because the bets feature different odds. Hence, the chance of winning is not the same. 

Harness multiplier-based bonuses

Here is another tip to win big from Crazy Time Live. Keeping an eye on the bonus multipliers in every round will really help your winning chances. This is because it can increase your overall win on a bet or value on a bonus game.

Bankroll management and discipline

Regardless of how good you are with live casino games, always put a check on your bankroll. This is especially true for Crazy Time Live as it is a highly volatile game. In other words, putting all your money in and being indiscipline can run out your deposit quickly. Instead, set your budgets and game limits, then stick to them. 


Betting on the Crazy Time Live game is one of the entertaining activities you can engage in an online casino. Several betting sites offer the beautiful game from Evolution Gaming. Simply stake your bet on your preferred space and number to get the game rolling. Sit back and watch as the croupier handles the rest.

If you manage to land yourself a bonus game, it gets even more exciting. Pachinko, Crazy Time bonus game, Coin Flip and Cash Hunt are highly rewarding with very high RTPs.

More excitingly, they feature massive multipliers that can increase your winnings several folds. Crazy Time Live is expected to continue being one of the top online live casinos for years to come. This is largely down to the fair gaming experience, massive rewards, appealing visuals, and massive rewards.

In short, Crazy Time Live is highly recommended for newbies and experienced bettors. 

FAQs on Crazy Time Live

You can bet Crazy Time Live in Krikya Casino. Click here to play.

  1. Click the button “Play Now!” to visit Krikya. Create an account with Krikya.
  2. Then you have to go to Live Games and pick Evolution Gaming. They are the creators for Crazy Time Live. Select Crazy Time. Choose Crazy Time from the menu.

  1. Place your Bet. Choose from 1, 2, 5, 10, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.
  2. Wheel Spin. Watch the host spin the wheel.
  3. After the spin is over, you will win from 1:1 to 10:1 on the numbers bet or will trigger one of the four bonus rounds.

The biggest win on Crazy Time so far happen on 21 January 2022, when the Cash Hunt bonus round delivered a win of 12,500x. With a payout of €1,919,939.

Yes, definitely. You can sign up with Krikya Casino and play Crazy Time Live to win real money.

Number 1 will hit 38.89% of the time, two will hit 24.07%, five will hit 12.96% and ten will hit 7.41%. Which is the same rate as the Coin Flip bonus round. Pachinko and Cash Hunt have a 3.7% chance, while Crazy Time bonus round has a hit rate of 1.85%.

You can expect a bonus round on average every six spins, although it might take over 30 spins to appear.

You can track Crazy Time history in Tracksino.

Crazy Time Live: Play and Win Huge Money in Bangladesh!

Crazy Time Live is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh. You can win up to 25000x multipliers. Find out how Crazy Time Live can help you win moeny.

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  • Supports many multipliers
  • Get as high as a 50,000x multiplier
  • Easy yet entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple bonus games


  • Not available in demo mode
  • Highly volatile
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