• Access to five different bonus rounds
  • Players can win as much as $500,000
  • Great animations and feature
  • Support live chat option
  • Multipliers are not hard to land
  • May need some time to master the bonus rounds
  • It could be addictive

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh.

Every year, more players get enthusiastic about live casino games. This is not surprising, as live dealer games give you the ecstasy and thrill of playing in a physical casino. From playing against top bettors from other regions, counting on your luck, being on edge, to taking advantage of bonus rounds, it is never a boring affair playing live casino games. Hence, it is understandable to see the list of live casino games growing as the bettors continue to increase as well.

Among the most popular live casino games, Adventures Beyond Wonderland stands out. The live dealer game is a product from one of the most popular online game providers. Appealing visuals, incredible features, easy gameplay, and hugely rewarding bonuses are the fortes of the beautiful game.

In short, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is expected to keep driving traffic to an online casino offering the game because of its ability to offer premium entertainment and significant pay. If you intend to enjoy the live casino game, below is everything you need to know:

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What is Adventures Beyond Wonderland? 

What is Adventures Beyond Wonderland

A gaming product from Playtech, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a combination of a classic wheel game and the story of Alice in Wonderland. Playtech’s team did a great job of designing the live dealer game with 3D visuals and animations. The sounds are quite immersive as well, leaving the bettors rooted to their seats. Playing the entertaining game will make you get familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland more than most, as it tells the story in symbols, images, and other gaming elements. 

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is managed by a host, otherwise known as a dealer or croupier. These individuals help entertain the players, engage with them and kickstart the game. If need be, you can chat with the hosts, and they will reply to you swiftly. Adventures Beyond Wonderland is designed with three wheels. One wheel is designed for the main game. As for the other two, they are for the WonderSpins bonus rounds. Some interested presenters can play the Mad Hatter and Alice roles. Don’t be surprised to see the White Rabbit and Caterpillar as the animated characters during the bonus games. 

During the game, players need to bet on segments of the wheel. This could be a number or one of the available bonus rounds. The winnings are capped at $500,000. Players can win as much as that kind of amount because of the multipliers. More excitingly, Adventures Beyond Wonderland boasts an incredible 96.82% percentage return to player (RTP). This is quite high compared to many live casino games. For the newbies, it means players have a high chance to win by playing the game. For each round, the game can last between one to five minutes. 

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Game Features

The liver casino games come with some interesting features that you should know about from the get-go. Learn about them below:

  • Multiplier: While this is a common feature among live dear shows or games, the multiplier is quite impressive on Adventures Beyond Wonderland. To be factual, players can land as high as x500 multiplier on bonus games.
  • Animations: Visuals and sounds contribute to the mechanic and entertainment delivery of live dealer games. Playtech has done a good job by adding some interesting sounds and animations to the game. Most of the animations typify elements from the story of Alice in Wonderland. 
  • Bonus rounds: It’s not every live dealer game that comes with bonus rounds, but Adventures Beyond Wonderland is among the few. Players have the chance to win more by engaging in WonderSpins Bonus rounds, Magic Dice Bonus round, and Mystery Bonus spin. You’ll learn more about the bonus rounds later. 
  • Live chat option: This makes the betting experience interactive between the players and the hosts. You can ask questions, share information, or give a complaint to the host by chatting with the croupiers. 

How to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland

The Playtech’s gaming product features simple and convenient gameplay. Everything begins with the player placing a bet or betting on a specific grid. In other words, players are allowed to bet on up to four numbers and three bonus positions. The four different numbers that you can bet on include 1, 2, 5, and 10. As for the bonus position, they include Magic Dice, 5 Wonderspins, 2 Wonderspins, and three bonus segments. Before you can be eligible to win, it’s important to win on a segment. 

Once the bets have been placed, the host will spin the big money wheel. The outcome of the spinning wheel will determine the winner. Ideally, the bet number will release a specific prize that could range from two to 11 multiplied by your stake. However, the bonus positions are designed to trigger one of the two bonuses with a more significant payout. 

Be informed that you cannot bet on the two Mystery Segments on the wheel. Instead, you can only get lucky enough for the wheel to land on one of the two extra features. Players may get a chance to add a multiplier to each number and respin or add a multiplier to the existing bet. As for the bonus rounds, learn more about them below. 

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Bonus Rounds and Bonus Spins on

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bonus Rounds and Bonus Spins on

Here is arguably the most outstanding aspect of Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Players have a chance to trigger one of the bonus rounds once the wheel spins and stops. If Walter, the Caterpillar, blows the bubble gum balloon after the betting time is over, it will trigger the bonus multiplier randomly. In this case, one of the numbers on the grid will be chosen to receive the multiplier. If the wheel stops on the number, the multiplier will increase your payout. Note that the boost only applies to the number of sections on the wheel – and not the bonus segments. 

Aside from the Walter bonus multiplier, players win more by getting a chance to play on any of the following bonus rounds:

1. Magic Dice Bonus Round

This bonus round features four rows and six columns being displayed. In each section, players will find Advance arrow, multipliers, and grid multiplier. Also, a maximum multiplier of 100x will be shown at the top of the grid. The gameplay is not difficult; you simply need to choose between the white or red dice. The dice will be rolled by the automatic shaker. 

After the dice have been thrown, you should check the column number and its corresponding number on the rolled dice. Suppose the square includes a multiplier, you win the round, and the round is over. Contrarily, if the box features a green arrow, you advance to the subsequent row. There is also a purple 2x that doubles all the apparent win multipliers on the grid.

The round continues, and the same process will be undertaken until the player receives a prize or reaches the highest height. The more you move up the ladder, the more significant your reward will be. However, be informed that the maximum payout on the game is 200x without any multipliers. 

2. WonderSpins Bonus Round

As stated earlier, this bonus round features a special wheel. WonderSpins begins once the wheel comes to a top on 5 or 2 WonderSpins, and the white rabbit emerges. At this point, the main wheel will rotate on its axis to show the two new wheels. On the outer wheel, you’ll find 54 segments, and each match with an Alice in Wonderland character. Also, each segment has its initial multiplier. Below are the characters:

  • Mad Hatter: This character features seven sections, with 16. It comes with a 2x multiplier.
  • Rabbit: This character features one segment and a 50x multiplier.
  • Eat Me: It features a +1 multiplier but has two segments. 
  • Cheshire Cat: It is available in two sections and covers four segments. It has a 14x multiplier. 
  • Door Mouse: This is available in four sections and covers 11. It comes with a 4x multiplier. 
  • Drink Me: It features a -1 multiplier and features three segments.
  • No Win: It is available in three segments.
  • Queen of Hearts: It is available in two sections and covers five. It has an 8x multiplier. 
  • Dodo: This character is available in three sections and covers nine. It features a 5x multiplier. 

As for the inner wheel, it is designed with multipliers and additional spins. As the main wheel rotates, the inner wheel spins, and the white rabbit jumps out. It will choose the segment that takes the extra multiplier. Let’s assume that the wheel stops on Drink Me; one multiplier will be taken from each of the characters. In this case, a respin will take place. The multiplier will accumulate as the bonus rounds continue across the spins. The sum of the multipliers will be the final multiplier that will be applicable to the bonus bet. 

3. Mystery Bonus Round

The main wheel features two mystery segments that players cannot bet on. Mystery bonus spins apply to every player on the table who has placed a bet. Once the wheel stops, a lucky player gets to win one of the two prizes that attach to the mystery bonus round. Below are the two prizes:

Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier

In this case, the caterpillar will blow a bubble that moves across the wheel before it bursts. Once it bursts open, the multiplier will show and apply to the numbers on the grid – note that the multiplier may differ for each number. Afterward, players get to experience a free spin and enjoy a payout if the wheel stops on the number that they bet on. 

Card Soldiers Mystery Multiplier 

This features four cards being marched into the screen. Each of the cards represents a card suit. Players need to choose one of the card suits to show the multiplier prize. The multipliers will be chosen from three batches. The first batch features 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x while the second batch comes with 2x, 4x, 5x, and 8x. The third batch includes 2x, 5x, 7x, and 10x. With the winning multiplier, the game will pay for the overall bet placed on the betting grid.  

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Bet types and Payouts

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bet types and Payouts

Below are the bets on the main wheel and their potential payouts:

  1. Number 1 – It is available on 22 segments and pays 1:1.
  2. Number 2 – It is available on 15 segments and pays 2:1.
  3. Number 5 – It is available in 5 segments and pays 5:1.
  4. Number 10 – It is available in 4 segments and pays 10:1.
  5. 2 WonderSpins – It is available in 3 segments and pays as much as $500,000.
  6. 5 WonderSpins – It is available in only one segment and pays as much as $500,000.
  7. Magic Dice Mini Game – It is available in 2 segments and pays as much as $500,000
  8. Mystery Spins – It is available in two segments.

What is the Maximum Win on Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

A win on Adventures Beyond Wonderland depends on your bet size and how lucky you get with the bonus rounds. A player can win as much as 500 times their initial bet. However, the maximum win is capped at $500,000. 

Tips and Strategies to Win Cash on Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is already a very winnable live casino game. However, you can attract better luck and win more with some proven tips and strategies. Find them below:

  • About 300x is the biggest multiplier on the main wheel bonus rounds. However, it is recommended to aim for a Mystery bonus if you want a more significant multiplier to boost your winnings. 
  • Set a bet limit and be disciplined by it to keep your winnings and manage any losses. 
  • You may want to avoid bet number 5 as a newbie, as it is arguably the worst bet in terms of RTP.
  • Focus more on the bonus rounds if you want to win big cash from Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

Final verdict

Adventures Beyond Wonderland offers everything you would like to see in a live casino game. It supports multiple players, comes with great visuals, and has impressive multipliers. The bonus rounds enable players to leave the table with some big bags of winning. Considering that the game is developed by a renowned online game provider, you can expect a fair and honest betting experience. Overall, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is highly recommended for newbies and experienced bettors. 

Adventures Beyond Wonderland | Play Amazing Game now!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is one of the favorite online casino game in Bangladesh. Find out how Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live can help you win big money.

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